Frequently Asked Questions

Need to Know

How do I cancel a membership?

If you are not locked into a contract and are just month to month, all we require is a 30 day cancellation letter. You must include your name, barcode, phone number, and the reason for canceling. Then sign and date it and drop it off at the office. 

Do you offer a trial membership?

We offer a free day pass for anyone thinking about signing up. This allows you to get a solid workout in before making any decisions. We want you to feel at home before you commit to anything.

Do you offer guest passes?

Yes, we offer a $5 day pass for anyone trying to get a workout in. All day passes have to be during office hours, which is currently 10AM-6PM Monday-Friday.

Are children allowed entry?

We have a designated area for kids to sit. We offer free Wifi for your kids to connect their tablet to while you workout. We just ask that you keep a close eye on them.

Do you have Wifi?

Yes, we have signs posted in the gym with the wifi password.